About CityMouse

Modular design enables to prepare CityMouse for future enhancements and adaptations and thus  provides effective sweeping with low noise, dust supression, and ease of maintenance all work together with exceptional on-task endurance.

We design whole the system to operate at the lowest costs. Maintenance costs are minimized without loosing performance of the machine. Consumable parts are meticulously chosen to reduce running costs.

CityMouse’s overall robust compact structure determines how well a sweeper picks up debris. Debris from the surface is sucked in a direct route into the hopper.

Excellent manoeuvrability is achieved thanks to all-wheel steering. Extremely small turning circle is easily achieved. All-wheel steering is monitored by means of steering angle sensors, which allows for automatic centring, and enhancing safety.

CityMouse is equipped with 2-brush system which has kick back mechanism and whose all movements are controlled hydraulically and independantly from each other as standard. Featuring independently controlled disc brushes, the 2-brush system guarantees absolute mobility in any sweeping situation. The rotating speed and ground pressure of the brushes can be adjusted from the driver’s cab.

Operational comfort and ergonomics are the focal point while designing the driver’s cab. All operating and control elements are arranged ergonomically around the driver for optimum reach. The design of gas and brake pedal, and cruise control facilitate the driver’s work. The sweeping unit is operated via the door and control panel featuring joysticks and push buttons.

Its discharging system is designed to enable discharge of wastes into any waste container available on road. It doesn’t need to transport wastes for waste disposal areas.

Safe and quick tilting hopper mechanism allows for easy inspection.