About BatteryFly


BatteryFly can be operated on all types of ground such as tarmac, concrete, lawn, cinder tracks, sand, pavings.

It is 100% electrical without any CO₂ emission while working.

It is capable of collecting wastes such as paper, cartoon, cans, cigarette butts and packages, leaves, broken glass pieces, plastic or metal bottles, pet wastes, steel or aluminium cuttings and similar remainders on surface. It operates long hours with one charged battery.

BatteryFly is designed to operate not only in cities or  idustrial areas but also to clean  pavements, roads, alleyways, parks, tree gratings, markets, factories, workshops, car parks, halls, rooms, docks, stations, gardens. Beause it is equally effective outdoors and indoors. It enables realization of cleaning plans within shorter periods with just one operator while ensuring high productivity. It is an urban and industrial sweeper which is ideally suited for practical and efficient usage in the small and narrow areas that a sweeper with brooms can not operate.

It is equipped with audible reversing signal and horn, flashing light, night headlight, LED indicator lights and other warning signs.

All the debris vacuumed by suction pipe goes directly into a 240-liter standard container that is easy to remove from the machine and empty it.

Automatic brake system on BatteryFly allows the operator to work on even sloping roads.

An electrick socket is enough to recharge the batteries anywhere. Batteries are charged from a central point with an automatic kit supplied inside the machine.