About SmartBee

SmartBee can be operated on all types of ground such as tarmac, concrete, lawn, cinder tracks, sand, paving

SmartBee vacuum picker is 100% electrical without any CO₂ emission while working.

SmartBee is designed to operate not only in cities or  idustrial areas but also to clean  pavements, roads, alleyways, parks, tree gratings, markets, factories, workshops, car parks, halls, rooms, docks, stations, gardens. Beause it is equally effective outdoors and indoors. It enables realization of cleaning plans within shorter periods with just one operator while ensuring high productivity.

SmartBee has user following function through recognition of distance with remote controller which is Equipped with Bluetooth (spec, v2,0 + EDR, Class 1, working distance) UWB (3,5-6,5 GHz), 2 channel. Robotic following function allows non-stop and effective cleaning.

The machines is equipped with radar and ultrasonic wave sensors which detect pedestrians or obstacles during operation and they prevent the machine from hitting.

Driving transmission installed on the front driving of the SmartBee allows smooth driving in areas with up to 20% of angle inclination. Automatic brake system allows the operator to work on even sloping roads.

It is easy to operate the machine since it is designed with steering and rear wheel drive functions.

SmartBee allows the operator to drive by boarding on the machine. Foothold equipped on it provides much easier and faster cleaning for long distances. Since it is designed to be fold the user can walk with the machine or store it easily.

Ergonomic and user-friendly control unit enables the operator to run all the functions of the machine  drive the sweeper simultaneously.