About Hamarat

Hamarat offers the optimum balance among high performance, quality, low cost, and environmental impact.

Machine is capable of sweeping and collecting sand, stones or other debris with 2 m³ ideal capacity and loads waste material quickly and directly from the road into its own hopper.

Standard model of Hamarat without engine uses the PTO of the tractor and there is no additional fuel consumption. Any kind of tractor with 33 KW is sufficient to trail the machine. The connection between machine and tractor can be handled easily in a short time.

Optionally, self-engine model allows our partners to use forklift, pickup or other vehicles to trail the machine if tractor is not available on hand. Additional engine room including 23,8 KW engine with 50 lt fuel tank is located on the rear of hamarat.

Ergonomic and user friendly pendant control unit connected via a flexible cable allows the driver both to run all the sweeping functions inside the tractor cabin and to drive the tractor simultaneously.

It needs less components comparing with other sweeper models. All critical controls are contained in one area. The ease of access to this equipment aids diagnostic checks quickly. Due to compact design of the subgroup, it is very easy to change the brushes, and to clean jet nozzles, and water filter.

Washing gun equipped on the machine can be used for ceaning the machine after sweeping, irrigation of trees and plants, washing the pavements or agricultural disinfection purposes by using special chemicals.

Waste discharging is carried hydraulically by the pendant control unit. Its hopper is designed to enable discharge of debris into any waste container available on road. It doesn’t need to transport wastes to waste disposal areas.