It provides high performance at lower cycles by the choice of right auxiliary engine utilized on its top structure. It ensures fuel savings and more silent working environment.

In order to maximize useful life of brush, its pressure to the surface can be adjusted. Optionally, such pressure setting can be made from cabin inside. It provides optional system reducing rotating speed of brush preventing unnecessary wear.

In order to minimize dust in the environment, waste is humidified at correct points throughout suction line.

Engine- fan connection is made through torque convertor on CityRay; in this way, engine life is extended and maintenance costs resulting from replacement of clutch lining is prevented.

Thanks to flexible design, top structure can be easily mounted to different chassis vehicles of different sizes.

Thanks to user friendly control panel, operator learns using machines within a short time period.

55 degrees of angle provides ease for discharge operation of wastes.

Easily cleanable hopper inside grate design is developed; design of superstructure and equipments is made to minimize maintenance requirements.